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Install OneBlock today and enjoy a much higher level of privacy when browsing the web

Do you dislike when your YouTube videos and movies are interrupted by ads or are you tired of seeing flickering banner ads? If so, we have great news for you - you can block most of these annoying ads once and for all by simply installing OneBlock in your browser. Don't forget to install OneBlock to forget about online ads.

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Amazing Features

What sets us apart from other similar products?

OneBlock is a powerful browser extension that can not only block ad videos and banners, but also detect and block pop-ups and even redirects! OneBlock will also allow you to stop being distracted by flickering images and colourful text when browsing the web. OneBlock will help filter out spam messages, banners, and pop-ups that pop up out of nowhere on dubious sites like torrent trackers. An added feature of OneBlock is the ability to block countless online trackers that can collect data about you. All this helps you stay safe and anonymous when you go online.

Unlike most similar products, OneBlock consumes virtually no resources on your PC, such as RAM and CPU time. This fact will not cause your device to overheat, thus extending battery life in the long run. OneBlock relies on its own algorithms to determine whether a video or banner, an ad or something that will actually benefit you. You can easily find and configure all the extension options in a handy menu.

How to Install

Go to the webstore

Click on one of the links that lead to our solution for Google Chrome or MS EDGE, respectively

Add to your browser

Click install or add extension and follow the webstore's instructions

Done. Enjoy!!!

By installing OneBlock enjoy a much higher level of privacy when browsing the web.


Another important difference between us and our competitors is that we value your privacy. Not only do we block external trackers that track you every time you go online, but we don't collect your personal information ourselves. You can visit additional sections of our site to learn more about our privacy policy and end-user license agreement.

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